A sacred container for your Divine Unfoldment
The perfect place for you to learn constructive reparenting skills, liberate the
Soul Fragments that house your most essential gifts and finally feel at home in a community of like-hearted women dedicated to authentically living their
Soul Purpose.

Are you…


confused about your true purpose?


lacking in self-confidence and self-respect, to such a degree that other people actively take advantage of you or take the credit for your hard work?


committed to making a positive difference, and yet feel unclear how to do proceed


convinced there’s something valuable you could be doing, if only you could figure out what it is


feeling stuck or even considering giving up on yourself entirely?


scared that you don’t fit in, that you're too sensitive and the world is not designed for someone like you?

Hi! I’m Charusila

I see you and I have your back! I know what it is like to forget yourself – I was lost to myself from a young age after a traumatic adolescence left me broken and doubting whether I even deserved to be alive.

At 19 years old, watching a mother with her young children and knowing that mother could be me, I made a vow to clear the family trauma that had resulted in the years of suffering I had endured.

This vow has led me here, through incredible Grace and many years of deep spiritual and emotional work. I am committed to doing everything in my power to make it easier for the beings around me to remember their magnificence and find the courage and confidence necessary to share their immense gifts.

I am so excited to witness you bloom!

Please don’t give up on yourself!

I know you don’t know me yet, and you have no compelling reason to listen to me. But I have been where you are and I see the magic inside you that you haven’t seen yet.


Because you are here and you’ve read this far!

Your Inner Wise One is calling your name right now and She REALLY wants you to listen…

She knows something you don’t know – she remembers her essential self, her Divine Magnificence, the Unconditional Love at the core of your being and she’s tugging at your sleeve DESPERATE to get your attention!

Don’t turn away from her!

I created the Soul Alignment Sisterhood for YOU!

I know – that’s impossible right? I don’t even know you…

The incredible truth is that I DO know you. I may not know the specifics of your situation and the particulars of your journey, but I know your heart and I know how desperate it is to bring more love into the world.

I spent years doubting and questioning myself, assuming that I was the problem whenever I got hurt, trying to twist myself into the person I thought I was supposed to be. Believe me when I tell you IT DOESN’T WORK!! It took me years of trial and error, daily spiritual practice, months at a time living in an ashram in India to finally get to the bottom of what DOES WORK…

I created the Sisterhood to save you all that time, heartbreak, disappointment and unfulfilled dreams!

When you join the Soul Alignment Sisterhood, you will:


experience increased self-confidence


learn how to have a healthy inner dialogue


be seen as the magnificent powerhouse that you are, no matter your 'mistakes'


learn how to identify your true comrades


give your Inner Child the loving consistency she so desperately needs


receive daily reminders to keep you connected with yourself and making positive progress


discover and embody your Soul Purpose


learn how to read people and the intentions behind what they do


experience being surrounded by other sincere and dedicated souls just like you

How does the Soul Alignment Sisterhood do that?

You’ve been around long enough to know that there are no magic potions, no miraculous ‘blue pills’ that will instantaneously transform the way you feel, think and talk to yourself. I’m not going to insult your intelligence by pretending that’s what I have.

I care too much about your tender heart to expose you to more disappointment. I know your inner being too well, and I don’t want you beating yourself up when yet another ‘promised result‘ doesn’t come true for you…

What I do have is a comprehensive system that will teach you how to build a profoundly loving and compassionate relationship with yourself.

I have a proprietary technique that will allow you to unravel even the most complicated of thoughts and emotions and leave you amazed and inspired by the magnificent being that you are under the layers of protection you’ve learnt to wear!

I have an uncanny ability to see to the heart of even your most persistent struggles and help you to see the love at the core of EVERY SINGLE ONE!

AND I have the love and compassion to show up EVERY DAY to write a love letter to your inner being, so you know exactly what to say to her even when you’re struggling to see the light!

If I join the Soul Alignment Sisterhood, what will I get?

A 90 min LIVE training and support call every week

including a guided meditation and a Q&A session

Two 90 minute LIVE Coaching Calls each Month
where you can call in or type (from anywhere around the world) and ask about anything that you’re struggling with
An optional 90 minute small group sister circle every month
where you are held with absolute love, witnessed in your process and offered coaching when appropriate. (5 people maximum)
Inspirational DAILY messages of support and encouragement direct to your phone!
(or accessed via your browser if your phone receives too much traffic!!)
A 30 day guided meditation journey
that you can access at any time and review again and again.
An ever increasing archive of trainings and guided meditations
Whatever you are dealing with, you will find support, nourishment and guidance to get you back on track
An easy to use Membership Site
so that you can study at your own pace, whenever it’s convenient for you.
Foundational Trainings
to make sure you start your journey in the Sisterhood on the right foot
A Worldwide Community

 of like-hearted sisters who care about your well-being and celebrate collaboration, not competition!

Whoa! Just wanted to say thank you again for all of you support!! It is so appreciated on so many levels and goes deep. That was a VERY intense and incredible experience this morning. I really wasn’t sure I would even be able to talk after the nausea came up, but so happy I was able to push through with your guidance to see the glimpse of my little girl in the light. That vision has left an imprint that can’t be undone ✨ Looking forward to tomorrow’s training ❤ Hallie

Hallie B.

Event Producer

Goddess Charu,
My inner space has widened again with this path with you. Cleaning the dungeons has also brought up emotions that I hardly recognised any more – not nice but important 😬😄 and with this I saw how wisely you go ahead slowly.
As human beings we need time to process, and your loving heart and voice is so nurturing 🙏 here.
I don´t know how to express my gratitude and also admiration to you 😍

Mervi T.


This has been the most profound and transformational experience and gift ever!!!!! I’m forever grateful!!
It is and continues to be so life changing and giving. Deep gratitude for the session on Monday (all sessions but especially that one).  Helped sooo much. I’m looking forward to growing and loving me more. So huge! I had given up on life before this…
I will always have so much gratitude, love and appreciation to you and for your courage to go thru all you did to help us all

Aniela S.

Yoga Teacher

This all sounds great but I still have questions…

Is the Program really as good as it sounds?

YEP! There are thousands of coaches who’d tell me that it’s underpriced, that no-one gives away this much content for $54 a month…
And they’re right, I *could* charge a couple of hundred dollars a month for this material, easily!
However, my biggest commitment is that my Soul Aligned Work creates profound transformation for someone, somewhere EVERY SINGLE DAY!
If I charged the full value, your saboteur would kick in and tell you ‘you’re not worth that, you can’t spend that on yourself’ and I’d miss out on the chance to make a profound difference in your life.
Your opportunity is to pay it forward – take the transformation I offer you and pass it along to another sister, do the good deed that she least expects, right when she needs it – together we can create magic!

When can I start?

As soon as you sign-up, you will have access to the membership site where all the foundational trainings are housed.
I recommend taking a few days to work through those trainings. You can return to them as often as you want…
At the same time you can begin the 30 day meditation journey which is powerful in itself.
You are welcome to join all of the live trainings from the moment you join. At the moment all our live calls are on Sundays and Mondays though this may change in the future! 
Replays are always available immediately after a live training is complete, so you never have to worry about missing a thing.

Will I be inundated with messages from everyone?

No, absolutely not!
This is a BROADCAST LIST, not a WhatsApp group. I will be sending messages to you, but any messages you send in response come ONLY to me.
You will just receive one (and maximum two if inspiration is really fired up) messages a day, always with something practical for you to do to anchor your commitment to yourself!

What if I need help during the program?

Twice monthly I will be offering LIVE coaching calls to everyone in the program. These calls are designed to address any questions you may have and anything that might have gotten stirred up by the material that we’ll be covering. If you can’t attend live, there will be a place for you to input your questions beforehand so that I can still address them during the call!

Will the program be triggering?

No! It’s very unlikely that the material I’ll be sharing with you will be triggering. What is more likely is that your DAILY LIFE will be triggering and the program will help you to meet those triggers with more ease and grace.
The ONLY exception to this is if you are someone who DOES NOT want anything to change…

Since this program is designed to bring you into alignment with your Soul and your deep inner knowing, you likely won’t be able to stay ‘stuck’ in anything for long… (But if that’s the case, this program probably isn’t for you anyway!)

Will I REALLY make progress?

YES! There’s no way that you could apply yourself to this program on a daily (or even weekly) basis and not make progress! The BIG question really, is “are you ready for the progress you’re about to make?”
Again, let your heart answer.
If you’d really rather stay stuck doing the same old, same old, then this program is NOT for you!

What if I decide I need EXTRA help during the program?

You can upgrade to the coaching option at any time during your membership. If you decide that you REALLY want to invest in yourself, just drop me a line and I’ll explain how to upgrade. 
Additionally, I’m always available for further Individual Healing and Coaching sessions whenever you need them. You can reach out to me directly and I will send you the booking link.

What if I don't like it after I sign up?

No problem at all. I don’t expect the Sisterhood to be a fit for everybody. There will be a link in your welcome email where you can end your subscription, and you will also be reminded by email a few days before your subscription renews.
If you decide that the Sisterhood is not for you within the first 14 days of your participation, and you haven’t taken advantage of any complimentary sessions or extensive coaching in the live calls, I’ll even refund you exactly what you paid.

Can anybody join?

At the moment I am limiting participation to women only. My intention here is to encourage the Feminine Frequency to find her power and gain the skills and confidence to share her gifts on the global stage. My gut tells me that in the initial stages of this journey it is essential to have a safe and sacred space in which to explore!
If you REALLY feel that you belong in the Sisterhood and your gender is the only ‘block’, please reach out to me for a complimentary conversation. If your energy and intention is a fit for what we are doing, I am open to the possibility of making an exception!

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