Soul Alignment Sisterhood


I’ve heard from several participants that there truly is NO way to describe the power of what is happening here. The only thing to do is jump in and experience it for yourself. You’ll know if it’s a fit for you!

In a nutshell, what you get is:

* A 90 min live training call every week including a Q&A session
* Two 90 min live coaching calls a month where you can call in or type (from anywhere around the world) and ask about anything you’re struggling with
* An optional 90 minute small group sister circle monthly (5 people maximum) where you are held with absolute love and witnessed in your process (in person circles sometimes available, depending on location)
* DAILY messages of support and encouragement direct to your phone! (or accessed via your browser if your phone receives too much traffic!!)
* A 30 day guided meditation journey that you can access at any time and review again and again.

It’s an incredible deal, no one I know offers this depth of support at an affordable price like this!

As you sign up below, please keep track of your Username and Password since this will be required to access the Sisterhood. You will know that your registration has gone through when you land on the Thank You Page. If you don’t end up there, please reach out for support. (Some sisters have had difficulties, so please be persistent!)

Thank you for allowing me to be in service to your SOUL.

Charu xxx