Crack the code of your NEGATIVE self-talk….


End the TYRANNY of the little voice in your head and discover the incredible potential hiding within you.

You are a MAGNIFICENTLY unique and PRECIOUS soul. There is not another one like you anywhere… Don’t let the hurt and scared little girl within you hide her BEAUTY a moment longer…

You are NOT alone in this journey, thousands of women around the world have been TRAINED to doubt themselves and believe they have no value!

Together we can create a new reality for ourselves and every single WOMAN that we love, be she sister, daughter, lover, mother, friend or even enemy…


As a young child I was full of life, but as I went through adolescence all my energy collapsed in on itself. I could not make sense of my place in the world – the roles I saw available to me as a woman were incomplete at best and no matter how hard I tried, I could not find a role model who was living the way I KNEW had to be possible.

Most of my twenties were passed in a daze of disempowerment whenever I was in the UK, so I spent as much time as I could out of the country. Somehow, in distant cultures, I wasn’t quite so burdened with the weight of the society around me.

It took me years, and a whole load of deep spiritual and emotional work, to get where I am today, and I am committed to doing everything in my power to make it easier for the women around me.

This commitment and my deep dedication to creating transformation on planet earth led to the inspiration to create this safe space for women everywhere to remember their magnificence.

My goal is simple: to create straight-forward, affordable and accessible programs for women (and men) around the world to discover their unique brilliance, claim their (essential) place in the world and share their gifts on the global stage (or wherever it is that they truly want to shine).

You don’t have to live like this a moment longer…

I thought long and hard about this problem and how best to support each and every one of us to rise up into the power women we are designed to be. The thing that came up AGAIN and AGAIN was this recognition that it’s a day-to-day, moment-to-moment journey. There’s no magic bullet that you can drink and hey presto… 

There’s certainly magic along the way, don’t get me wrong, and there will be shifts that occur that feel like pure magic, but those shifts come on the back of daily application

And you know the problem with daily?

Well there are a thousand things designed to throw you off track! This whole society is based on structures that consistently and deliberately undermine your knowing. 

So you have to hack that force. You have to find a way to make sure that the daily messages you are ingesting are designed to lift you up, show you your true power and enhance your shine!

And THAT my friends, is why I came up with this program – because I WANT you to have the daily reminders you need to find your genius and share it with the world!


Things you WON'T have to do if you join the program:


Spend hours of your precious time spinning your wheels as the Inner Critic has a field day with every tiny ‘mistake’ you make


Waste endless attention trying to get acceptance and understanding from people who simply cannot see who you truly are


Fight your true calling and keep yourself stuck in the “safe” little box you created as a child


Wake up scared and depressed every day, dreading the downward spiral that will inevitably take hold of your life


Watch another day of unfulfilled dreams disappear down the drain


Things you WILL have to do if you join the program:


Celebrate positive change EVERY day!


Witness yourself growing in unexpected ways.


Lovingly receive the compliments and encouragement that start to come your way


Be pleasantly surprised as your confidence levels grow on a daily basis.


Sit back and watch the abundance pour in.


Get excited about all the amazing projects you’re going to create!


Start enjoying all your free time as you discover what it is that truly makes you tick


DAILY Support and Inspiration

That REALLY makes a difference!

Written Exercises

To connect you with your confidence, passion and commitment

Fortnightly Coaching Calls
where you can ask ABSOLUTELY anything!
Ask for Input!
At least once a week you’ll be invited to share what you’re working with so that I can tailor the experience in the group to exactly where you are!
A Worldwide Community
After years of being alone with this, thinking it’s all ‘your problem’, imagine being reminded every day that you are part of a massive movement for positive change
Powerful Reminders
that you are free to choose how you relate to yourself in any given moment
Specially selected Spiritual Practises
Mantras, meditations, contemplations… Whatever your spirit needs to progress on this journey, we’ll provide it for you!

+ Best of all, it’s FREE for your first month!

So there’s nothing to stop you from
a) Taking it for a test drive and
b) Sharing this amazing opportunity with ALL the wonderful women in your life

What if I have more questions?

I’ve answered ALL the most common question below because I want you to be sure that this is something that can serve you – no point you jumping in *just* because it’s free and then ignoring everything I tell you to do!

This program works precisely because we journey together!

Your participation is entirely optional, and that’s the WHOLE point. 

Take a moment now and ask yourself – am I ready and willing to commit to this kind of support? Am I ready to do WHAT IT TAKES to step into my inner awareness and Divine Power?


Are you ready to cross the threshold of your own knowing?

If so then I am over the moon excited to invite you to step in RIGHT NOW:

If you’re still not sure, you’re welcome to read through the Q & A to get more of a sense of the program. But at the end of the day, what I recommend is that you sit quietly in your heart and simply ask your knowing…

None of your ‘reasons’ are actually why you will join, or why you won’t!

The only true answer is the one your heart speaks… Give it space and LISTEN!

This all sounds great But…

Is the Program really as good as it sounds?

YEP! There are thousands of coaches who’d tell me that it’s underpriced, that no-one gives away this much content for $54 a month…
And they’re right, I *could* charge a couple of hundred dollars a month for this material, easily!
However, my biggest commitment is that my Soul Aligned Work creates profound transformation for someone, somewhere EVERY SINGLE DAY!
If I charged the full value, your saboteur would kick in and tell you ‘you’re not worth that, you can’t spend that on yourself’ and I’d miss out on the chance to make a profound difference in your life.
Your opportunity is to pay it forward – take the transformation I offer you and pass it along, do the good dead that they least expect – together we can create magic!

When does it start?

We begin on 8/8 – the Lions Gate! A powerful spiritual portal…
As soon as you sign-up, you will have access to the membership site where all the foundational trainings are housed (they will be released as I get them ready, you will definitely have access to some pre-work very soon!)
I recommend taking a few days to work through those trainings, once they’re released. You can return to them as often as you want…
Be sure to send me your WhatsApp request, so that you’ll get the daily messages once they begin.

Will I be inundated with messages from everyone?
No, absolutely not!
This is a BROADCAST LIST, not a WhatsApp group. I will be sending messages to you, but any messages you send in response come ONLY to me.
You will just receive one (and maximum two if inspiration is really fired up) messages a day, always with something practical for you to do to anchor your commitment to yourself!
What if I need help during the program?
Twice monthly I will be offering LIVE coaching calls to anyone in the program. These calls are designed to address any questions you may have, anything that might have gotten stirred up by the material that we’ll be covering. If you can’t attend live, there will be a place for you to input your questions beforehand so that i can still address them during the call!
Will the program be triggering?

No! It’s very unlikely that the material I’ll be sharing with you will be triggering. What is more likely is that your DAILY LIFE will be triggering and the program will help you to meet those triggers with more ease and grace.
The ONLY exception to this is if you are someone who DOES NOT want anything to change…

Since this program is designed to bring you into alignment with your Soul and your deep inner knowing, you likely won’t be able to stay ‘stuck’ in anything for long… (But if that’s the case, this program probably isn’t for you anyway!)

Will I REALLY make progress?

YES! There’s no way that you could apply yourself to this program on a daily basis and not make progress! The BIG question really, is “are you ready for the progress you’re about to make?”
Again, let your heart answer.
If you’d really rather stay stuck doing the same old, same old, then this program is NOT for you!

Is it really FREE?

This program is TOTALLY FREE for the first 30 days!
Because I know that it’s almost impossible to know whether you will get on with something from the outside. I can explain all I like, but until you DIVE IN and experience what I’m offering, how will you possibly know if it’s a fit?
IF we’re a fit, the cost to you is just $54 a month. It’s an absolutely incredible price for what you get but why take the risk?
Try it free for 30 days and find out for yourself!

What if I decide I need EXTRA help during the program?
I will be offering a few discounted sessions each month specifically to people in the program. You will ALWAYS be notified when I open those sessions up – on a first come, first served basis.
I am always available for further Individual Healing and Coaching sessions whenever you need them. You can reach out to me directly and I will send you the booking link.
What if I don't like it after I sign up?
No problem at all. I don’t expect to be a fit for everybody. There will be a link in your welcome email where you can end your subscription, and you will also be reminded by email a few days before your subscription renews.
As long as you unsubscribe before the end of 30 days, you won’t be charged at all.


Charusila immediately put me at ease by assuring me that we would only go as far as my body was comfortable. She listened carefully to my concerns and then helped me see a healthier way of looking at my situation.
Charusila has a special gift for feeling into the energy and explaining things carefully to bring about emotional healing. She spent the remaining time in meditation, deep breathing, and divine energetic protection and healing for me and my family.
She gave me practical suggestions that I could immediately put to use so I felt back in control of my life. She helped me focus on the positive and not on  blame or seeking revenge. After the session I felt so much more relaxed and that I was in tune God’s plans for me. Charusila made it clear that her healing work is channeled through Grace. I am so grateful for her loving presence and I highly recommend her services. She obviously has special gifts from the Divine.

Susan Imhoff

Dear Charu,
I absolutely love your healings, I really feel the changes occurring in my body and energy field during the session and afterwards my reality is permanently different. Both the energy moving and the new insights I experience with you create lasting change. You are one of the few healers I choose to work with now. I instantly recognized your integrity, generosity and passionate service as authentic and inspiring, and my soul resonates with it on the deepest level of truth. I trust your work and highly recommend you to anyone looking for true healing and liberation. I appreciate not only what you do but who you are. Thank you for your light and love, may your heart inspire us all.

Anne Popiel

Charu is a clear and beautiful channel for both a divine intelligence and her own unique wisdom and compassion. I have gained deep insights and heart awakenings from our sessions. Thank you.

Ed Calcutt

Charu is masterful in her ability to listen deeply to your souls purpose and clear away beliefs and constructs that are no longer serving. She brings such grace, patience, kindness and spirit …I would highly recommend doing this healing work with her.

Christie Mann


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