Your First 30 Days


When you first arrive here, during the 30 day meditation journey, you will find each day’s meditation will be made available 24 hours after the previous one. I recommend going through the full 30 day journey to get the maximum benefit.

Once you have been through the 30 day journey once, you are free to choose to go through the whole thing again or dip in to the specific meditations that speak to what you are walking with on any particular day. 

It is completely fine if you feel drawn to work with the same meditation for several days in a row!

Step through the Portal

An overview of the journey that you are embarking on. Jump through the portal onto your unique path within the wider journey!

Gathering Your Resources

What do you need to gather in order to provide yourself the nourishment you need to follow this journey all the way through?

Standing where you stand

Knowing exactly where you are on the path makes it much easier for you to take the next steps. 

Honoring your Inner Messenger

The very things you have been rejecting in yourself are actually the ways that the messenger has been trying to get your attention!

Letting go of cords and attachments

Todays meditation gently guides you to release all the attachments that are no longer serving you.

Embarking on the Journey

Today your invitation is to let your joy and playfulness guide you. 

The Feeling of Community

Todays audio journey invites you into the energetic connection with the feeling of community & opens your heart & energy eyes.

Celebrating How Far You've Come!

Today you are taking a moment to deeply appreciate all that you are and all that you’ve achieved so far.

Rooting in

It’s the final day to ‘turn back’ so today you are invited to root into your deep commitment and dedication to embodying and living the calling that your heart is yearning for. 

Entering the Castle

You are standing in your full, glorious knowing that this IS the door you’ve been waiting to knock on for eternity…

What's lurking in the basement?

Your greatest gifts are lurking in the basement, locked in the dungeons. It is time to let them out…

Uncovering Power

Digging deep in the dungeon to find your hidden power, the vibrant aliveness, your superpower, that you locked away as a child and have been trying to destroy ever since!

Preparing the Stairs to Ascend

Cleaning the ‘spiral staircase’ of your own inner castle and emptying the old energetic gunk out of your spine!

Opening Locked Rooms

Today you are investigating all the hidden, suppressed, locked away parts of yourself that your Soul is ready to welcome back. 

Welcoming Everything

Welcome everything! All these parts of yourself that you have lost, hidden, forgotten.

Bowing to your own Power

Seeing the truth of who you are, the love hiding behind each of the parts of yourself that are ready to be reunited. 

Beginning the Ascent

Gathering your power to begin the ascent. Using breath and presence to empower every part of you to ascend.

Relaxing and Allowing

Relaxation and letting go are the name of the game today. There is no rush here! 

Surrendering to your Ascension

When you surrender to the power that moves within you, there is a spaciousness in how you allow the movement to occur.

Claiming Your Crown

Whatever ‘work’ you believe you still have to do, making the choice to stand in the magic that you already are is humbling and powerfully transformative. 

Expressing Yourself to Yourself

Before you can allow anyone else to see your shine, you have to deeply see it and taste it for yourself. 

Getting to know your own Expression

All of the parts of you that are still doubtful, curious, afraid, lost can start to experience the fullness of the You that has claimed her Crown!

The Circle of Safety

The first step in sharing your light full out, is to experience the ease and peace of emanating directly into your Circle of Safety. 

Testing the Waters

There are so many beings in this world who are just waiting to receive you! Today you will risk feeling their presence and discover delight in their reflection.

Expanding beyond your Comfort Zone

Just beyond the Circle of Safety are the souls that truly get you and reflect you back without bias or attachment.

Expansion and Emanation

You can use your breath to build this cycle of expansion and emanation any time you want. Each and every breath brings you deeper into alignment with your Soul Purpose!

Into the Cosmos

Learning to emanate the fullness of you into the cosmos is the first step to feeling confident in the fearless sharing of your Soul Purpose.

Your Love Frequency

Your heart frequency is a pure emanation of your Soul Purpose. Allow yourself to feel and experience the vibration of your essence – it is your doorway!


Your Human Emanation

Your human is ALWAYS emanating, whether you’re aware of it or not! Give yourself the gift of enjoying your expression by being TOTALLY TRUE to the power that you are!

Celebrating Your Expansion!

Standing in the expansion of you, knowing how powerful your emanation is… It’s time to celebrate!

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